Nature Abounds Ambassador programs

What is an ambassador program?

Nature Abounds is introducing several ambassador programs where volunteers will learn about issues and will also be given the tools and knowledge to teach others about it as well.

  • You will be asked to read / study materials provided,
  • do some research for local specifics where you live or plan to share, 
  • demonstrate that you have gained the appropriate level of knowledge,
  • then you will be able to represent Nature Abounds and teach others about the issue(s).

Our first ambassador programs to be announced is our (drumroll please....)

Turtle Ambassador - As a Turtle Ambassador you will bring awareness and knowledge to the public about many issues most turtles in the world are facing currently.

Climate Change Ambassador As a Climate Change Ambassador, under our guidance, we will help you reach out to your community leaders, the media, and the general public as well as your friends and family.

Watershed Ambassador - Details coming soon