Bags to Beds

Bags to Beds, our newest volunteer opportunity, launched on Earth Day 2017, and engages volunteers in converting plastic bags to mat beds for the homeless or those displaced by natural disasters. Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks for this project:

1) Collecting plastic bags (each mat takes 600-700 bags),
2) Cutting the bags and converting them to a plastic yarn,
3) Knitting and crocheting them into mat beds, 
4) Contacting shelters to see if they can use the mat beds and making sure the mats get to the shelters, and 
5) Helping us with fundraising to cover coordination of the program as well as any postage, storage, or other expenses related to the opportunity. 

Plastic bags take a long time to break down in landfills, with estimates as high as 500 years. Since plastic bags have only been in existence for about 50 years, we really don't know how long they will take to break down yet. 

Plastic bags often end up in waterways and eventually into the ocean where some sea turtles mistake them for food such as jellyfish. Likewise, the production of plastics involves petroleum and has a significant carbon footprint. The more we can do to keep bags and plastics, in general, out of the environment and landfills, the better for us all. 

Sign up today to Volunteer, and we’ll send you instructions for getting started. 

Not a crafter? You can still help us out by making a donation to help with program costs like materials and shipping expenses.