Natural Biodiversity

Natural Biodiversity is the newest program under the Nature Abounds umbrella. Recently acquired from a regionally-focused nonprofit conservancy, the program has engaged over 100,000 people in conservation education programs, mobilized 2,500 people in environmental service learning, and restored various tracts of land through habitat restoration and invasive species control projects, over the past 13 years. 

Moving forward, the program will engage Nature Abounds supporters in habitat and landscaping opportunities across the country. Stay tuned for upcoming news! More information, including just a few accomplishments, about Natural Biodiversity can be read below. 

  • Founded in 2003. 
  • Completed several habitat restoration projects, including a project at the Park of 1889, in St. Michael PA. This project was not just significant for its environmental importance, but also for the site's historic significance of being the bed of Lake Conemaugh which broke causing the Johnstown Flood of 1889, killing over 2000 residents downstream. Through this project alone, Natural Biodiversity engaged over 270 volunteers who planted over 900 individual plants representing more than 50 native Pennsylvania plant species. 
  • Pioneered invasive species education through the creation of a BioBullies educational supplement for schools. The educational supplement includes a website ( where educators can access exceptional resources to incorporate invasive species education into their classrooms. Through the site, educators can access the BioBullies curriculum tailored for grades 4-8 which contains indoor and outdoor lesson plans , comic book stories, flashcards, worksheets and other materials. There's also links to Cosmo's world, a video series for grades 6-8 that includes lesson plans specifically addressing the topics of biodiversity, water resources, energy conservation and sustainable agriculture. Lastly, through this site, you can access the Kids' Patch for grades K-6 which is a unique resource that encourages parents and educators to turn the outdoors into a classroom for kids!!!
  • Partnered with West Virginia University to develop a landscape-based predictive model to prioritize invasive species management activities within the Kiski-Conemaugh (PA) Watershed. The model utilized geographic data verified with site surveys to determine the susceptibility of a site to invasive species. The model can now be used to predict where invasive plants are likely to spread and aid in early detection and rapid response activities within a localized watershed. 
  • Served as a local National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Habitat Stewards Ambassador host. 

More information about Natural Biodiversity can be found at .

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