Volunteer Agreement

Statement of Volunteer Commitment and Release

I certify the statements made in this volunteer application are true and correct, and have been given voluntarily. I authorize Nature Abounds to verify, in whole or in part, any information provided on this application. I understand that this information may be disclosed to any party with legal and proper interest, and I release Nature Abounds from any liability whatsoever for supplying such information. Furthermore, I recognize my right, as a volunteer, to discontinue my service at any time and for any reason. I also understand that Nature Abounds, reserves the right to discontinue my volunteer relationship. Additionally, I understand and agree that I shall not expect to receive any form of payment, including cash (wages), food, clothing, or shelter for talents and services I contribute to Nature Abounds.

Likewise, I acknowledge that my activities as a volunteer may expose me to risks and dangers too numerous to describe, and that I am aware of the nature of the risks and dangers. I voluntarily assume all of the risks and dangers inherent in such undertakings.

Also, I agree that photographs taken of me by Nature Abounds, its agents or other third parties may be used by Nature Abounds for purposes that support Nature Abounds’ mission.

I give Nature Abounds, including its partner organizations, the right to use, publish, display, copy, modify, and distribute such images at any time, in any manner or medium now existing or later discovered, including without limitation use in print, Internet, television, and mailed promotions. Likewise, Nature Abounds may publish the images with quotations provided or submitted by me.

I agree that Nature Abounds does not need my consent or approval of finished products, copy, or other matter used in connection with the images, or the use to which the images might be applied.

I have read this document and understand it. My submission to the terms of this Agreement is my free and voluntary act and deed, and I acknowledge that this Agreement shall be binding upon myself and my heirs, and legal representatives. I have the right and ability to enter into this Agreement, and to grant the rights and furnish all images submitted by me pursuant to this Agreement. I am eighteen years of age or older, and, if acting on behalf of a minor, have every right to contract for the minor in the above regard.