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Nature Abounds™, a national 501c3 non-profit organization, brings people together for a healthy planet.  Nature Abounds™ serves as a center where people can connect with like-minded people interested in protecting the environment and in taking action for a healthier planet. To do so, we:

  • Raise citizen awareness of the natural world through education, action, and inspiration.
  • Inform citizens about environmental health as well as human health impacted by environmental degradation.
  • Strengthen the voice of action by connecting the stewards of the planet, by building strong partnerships, and by supporting efforts that ultimately lead to a healthier planet for all of us.
  • Engage citizens of all ages in taking action for healthier communities and a healthy planet where people and wildlife can co-exist peacefully

Formed in 2008, Nature Abounds has already launched two successful programs nationally, IceWatch USA and Watch the Wild, and revitalized the Senior Environment Corps, a group of senior citizens volunteering for the planet.  To date, Nature Abounds is engaging volunteers across all fifty states and Puerto Rico.

For more information about our programs and volunteering  please email...

Nature Abounds is participating in the Citizen Science Association conference in San Jose this week.
Here is our display on "Involving Volunteers in Citizen Science Programs" like our very own
IceWatch USA and Watch the Wild opportunities.

Nature Abounds’ newest program Knitters for Nature’s Critters launched in October 2013. The first wildlife recipient of the program is the Little Penguin who are significantly at risk from oil spills as well as climate change.