Watch the Wild Volunteer

 Prickly Poppy
Prickly Poppy in California . Photo by Debra M.

Steps to start 
Watch the Wild

Step 1 - Fill out your

Step 2 - Choose a site and enter a complete

Step 3 - Record and enter
on Flora, Fauna, Weather etc. 

Watch the Wild needs your help.  Becoming a volunteer is very easy. All you need to do is:

  • Choose a location or route to observe regularly, like your backyard or favorite beach spot, a nearby lake or stream, or even the route you commute to work or a trail you hike,

  •  Record your observations, and    

  • Report your observations to us on-line or via mail or email.

Your information will then be entered into a database, compared to other reports, and shared with interested scientists.


 Attention Veteran Weather Record Keepers!

If you have kept weather or flora and fauna records in the past,
Watch the Wild™ would love to add your observations to our database. If interested, please contact the Watch the Wild™ Coordinator at