Citizen Science Programs

Watch the Wild , engages volunteers in observing and reporting on wild weather, wildlife and wildflowers  in their communities. By monitoring, we hope to discover how our eco-systems are changing in response to climate change.

IceWatch USA , modeled after and in partnership with Ice Watch Canada, engages volunteers across the United States in recording ice and snow sightings as well as wildlife activity near local waterways.

Citizen Watch Programs

Keepers of the Forest (pilot opportunity in PA)

Nature Abounds educates citizens within the national and state forest areas about issues facing the forest, including flora and fauna identification, invasive species, general forest health, illegal activities, and forest preservation. And what you can do to help remedy problems.

Ambassador Programs ($)

Turtle Ambassador ($)
Volunteers serve as a representative of Nature Abounds, reaching out to new audiences about turtles and tortoises and the dangers they face as well as ways that people can help them.
Climate Change Ambassador ($)

Become a Climate Change Ambassador and reach out to your local officials and community leaders, to the media and the general public. We’ll help you let people know about the changes happening in their region due to the climate shifting. Training is mostly done through a correspondence course and webinars. 

There is a minimal cost involved in our Ambassador training programs to help offset costs of materials, certificates, staff review and postage.

Other Programs

Senior Environment Corps (SEC)               

SEC members are generally 55+ years of age and are engaged in environmental activities like water quality monitoring, environmental education, marking abandoned oil and gas wells and helping with trail restoration and park clean-ups. 

Pennsylvania SEC - Volunteers have contributed well over 2,500,000 hours since 1997.  

Maryland SEC – We now have a SEC group located in Cecil County. 

Alabama SEC – Currently we have one SEC in Alabama, located in the Huntsville and Madison County area.

Florida SEC - Info coming soon

Natural Biodiversity

Natural Biodiversity is the newest program under the Nature Abounds umbrella. Recently acquired from a regionally-focused nonprofit conservancy, the program has engaged over 100,000 people in conservation education programs, mobilized 2,500 people in environmental service learning, and restored various tracts of land through habitat restoration and invasive species control projects, over the past 13 years. 

Crafters for a Cause

As a Nature Abounds' Crafter, volunteers use their artistic and crafting skills to help causes we work on. Currently volunteers can choose to knit sweater jumpers for penguins affected by oil spills, help to convert plastic bags into beds for the homeless, help with art or graphic projects, or donate their original artwork for our upcoming online auction.