About Nature Abounds

Nature Abounds President and Cofounder Melinda Hughes
Nature Abounds™ was founded in 2008 by Melinda Hughes and James Wert, along with some of their mentors and friends from around the country. Nature Abounds was formed to encourage volunteerism and environmental stewardship, along with community values and an overall knowledge of the natural world around us. 

Ultimately, Nature Abounds looks to be a unified, influential voice for change. By change, we mean how knowledge and attitudes contribute to the use of our natural resources as well as their conservation and preservation and the impact that it has on the planet and those co-existing on the planet. In order to create that voice for change, Nature Abounds engages citizens in opportunities that create and cultivate awareness of being environmental stewards as well as serve as a connector of individuals and groups that have a similar goal for protecting our planet and repairing the damage that has been done.

Nature Abounds piloted the organization from the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania and recently opened a second office in Washington State. Nature Abounds works with citizens to address these problems.