Crafters for a Cause

As a Nature Abounds' Crafter, you volunteer your artistic and crafting skills to help causes we work on. To date, we have the following opportunities we are working on:

Knitters for Nature's Critters volunteers knit sweater jumpers for Little Blue Penguins that's lives are at risk due to an oil spill. The jumpers are used while the penguins are waiting to be cleaned up and while waiting to be strong enough to return to their natural habitat. 


Bags to Beds is our newest crafting opportunity where volunteers help to convert plastic bags to a bedding mat to be used by the homeless or those displaced from natural disasters. For this opportunity, not only do we need the knitters and crocheters, but we also need volunteers to collect plastic bags and convert them to yarn as well as volunteers to connect with shelters.  

Auction Artist - Nature Abounds is currently planning an Art Auction and is looking for donations. If you have an art piece, preferable related to nature, please let us know.

Art or Graphics Projects - Volunteers in the past have created kids activity and coloring pages, posters, logos, brochures, and even cartoons. The projects depend on our current programming needs. 


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