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IceWatch USA


to IceWatch USA

IceWatch USA, a program of Nature Abounds, brings you the opportunity to help scientists study how our climate is changing!

With as little as 10 minutes, you can report information that will help to analyze how our climate will change in different regions of the United States, and how our ecosystems are reacting to the change.
IceWatch USA is modeled after and a proud partner of IceWatch Canada.

Become Involved

IceWatch USA needs your help, and becoming an IceWatcher is very easy. All you need to do is:

  • choose a location to observe over the winter, like a nearby lake, bay, or river
  • record your observations and
  • report your observations to us via mail or email. On-line submissions coming soon


Your information will be entered into a database, compared to other reports, and shared with interested scientists. IceWatch USA is also a proud partner of the National Phenology Network which brings together scientists and others to monitor the effects of climate change on plant and animals in the United States.