Flat Frankie

Hi! I'm Flat Frankie, and I'm a great friend of Nature Abounds Spokes-turtle Max Terrepene. While Max is busy at the office educating people about turtles and tortoises, he relies on my help to spread the word about how people can make small changes in their lives to help turtles, tortoises and other wildlife. I need your help to do my job.

Take me to the beach, the local park, or wherever you go. Send me on a trip with your friends and family. Snap my photo in your favorite places and/or with your favorite people. The more places we go, the more people we will meet, and the more they will think of turtles and wildlife. By taking me with you, we will make a difference for turtles and tortoises.

To help me out, print out the "Flat Frankie" below, cut me out and color me, and then let's get out and meet people....let's travel!

These Flat Frankie images are from a recent trip to Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC with Nature Abounds President Melinda Hughes-Wert.
Watch for new photo albums and submissions from many new adventures from other Flat Frankie travelers

Download your Flat Frankie by clicking here!