Senior Environment Corps

The Senior Environment Corps (SEC) program engages volunteers aged 55 and over. SEC volunteers are engaged in numerous activities from water quality monitoring, stream habitat assessment, storm-drain stenciling, environmental education, community gardening, wildlife surveying, marking abandoned oil and gas wells, and cleaning up parks and trails.

Since 1997, SEC volunteers in Pennsylvania have contributed well over 2,000,000 hours, and their contribution is estimated to be of value to the state at over $3 million per year. Coming into 2017, SEC volunteers are active in 24 counties across Pennsylvania.

Nature Abounds is currently expanding the SEC program into other states. With the support of the Chesapeake Bay Trust, we have piloted the SEC program in Maryland. We also have SEC groups in New Jersey, Alabama, Montana, and a new group coming together in Florida. 

PA SEC members
Members of the PaSEC help to replace a footbridge at a local park that had been damaged due to flooding in the area.