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Watch the Wild

Wildflowers! Wildlife! Wild Weather!

Watch the Wild™ needs your help. As a Watch the Wild™ volunteer, you observe and report the "wild" in your community, from trees and plants to lakes and streams to weather and wildlife activity. In as little as ten minutes, your observations help us to understand how our eco-systems are changing and helps us to adapt for the future.

Becoming a Watch the Wild volunteer is very easy. All you need to do is:

  • sign-up to be a volunteer with Nature Abounds (see tab on this page)

  • choose a location to observe, whether it be your backyard, a local park, your favorite beach spot, or an area that you visit or hike in regularly

  • record your observations and

  • report your observations to us online, via mail, or email. 


Your observations will then be entered into a database and shared with interested scientists.