To begin volunteering with Nature Abounds follow these easy steps

Step 1 - Fill out the volunteer application


Contact Volunteer@natureabounds.org for a paper application.

Other programs online forms and data will be coming soon.

Watch the Wild
- As a Watch the Wild participant, you observe and report on the wild in your community, from wild weather to wildflowers, and from wildlife to plants and trees.

If you are interested in volunteering for Watch the Wild™ proceed to 

Step 2 - Creating and entering your site description Online .

Step 3
 - Record your observations Online .

Other programs with online forms and data entry will be coming soon.

IceWatch USA - When you participate in IceWatch USA, you observe a body of water and the immediate area around that body of water. Observations collected tell of changes in the environment as well as the overall effects of climate change on the seasons.

Senior Environment Corps - If  you live in either Pennsylvania or Maryland, and are aged 55+, there may be a SEC group in your area engaged in environmental activities like education or water quality monitoring. 

Researcher - From your home, using your own computer, you can research various topics for Nature Abounds™, from environmental groups in your area to environmental issues happening around the world. If you've got the time and computer, we can use your help.

Support Tasks – Nature Abounds works with volunteers on several tasks such as art, graphics, grant writing, fundraising, media and marketing. Just fill out a Volunteer Application and let us know what you’re skills are, and we’ll try to match you up with a project.