Become an IceWatcher

Steps to beginning 
IceWatch USA

Step 1 - Sign up to be a Nature Abounds

Step 2 - Select an observation point that can be used each season and in future years and enter a complete
Site Description

Step 3 - Record and report your observations on ice coverage, precipitation, wildlife etc through the
IceWatch USA 
Observation Form

IceWatch USA™ needs your help. 

Becoming an IceWatcher is very easy. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Once we receive and process your Volunteer Application, you will receive a "Welcome to IceWatch USA™ " email with instructions for getting started.

  • Choose a location to observe over the winter, like a nearby lake, bay, or river and fill out your site description form.

  • Finally, start recording your observations, and report your observations to us via mail, email or via the on-line submission form.  

Your information is entered into a database, compared to other reports, and shared with interested scientists studying climate change and other environmental indicators. IceWatch USA™ is a proud partner of the National Phenology Network which brings together scientists and others to monitor the effects of climate change on plant and animals in the United States.

Attention Veteran Icewatchers!   If you have kept ice, snow, and/or winter wildlife records, IceWatch USA™ would love to add your observations to our database. If this interests you and your family, please contact us at